Adorable Island in Malaysia

Here are some reviews if you want to visit Malaysia on your holiday. Because of the distance which is not too far from Malaysia, you can reach this country by bus. The first place you can visit by using the bus is Ipoh. Ipoh is the capital city of Perak. Tourists from other countries love to visit this island because of the beauty. Mention Paloh Ku Miao, it will give you a new knowledge about religious sites which located in Ipoh. After Paloh Ku Miao, you can consider visiting Ling Sen Ton also Kwan Yin Tong Temple. All of them are religious sites.

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Malaysia Tourist Attraction

Besides, you can also enjoy the natural view of a tourist attraction by visiting Tempurung Cave. It is a cave which is beautified by incredible and awesome stalactites and stalagmites. You can also enjoy the natural hot water in Lost World. See your children will happy to be there.

Malaysia also has other destination that must be visited, it is Mersing. When you want to go to Tioman or Aur island, you have to go to this place first. About Tioman, you will get an adorable view which dominated by blue water and green forest added with high hills that complete the scenery. In Tioman island, you can snorkel and enjoy the view of the underwater world which is embellished with beautiful natural corals.

To reach Mersing, you can use the bus to Mersing from Singapore. With various prices and departs, you can choose the most appropriate with you. There are Starmart Express and Transnasional Club Class 39 to be your choices. Then if you want to go back to Singapore, you can also use those buses which provide depart to Singapore. The price So, invite your beloved people then enjoy a fun holiday together with them.