What are the Advantages of Kappa Carrageenan Powder?

Carrageenan is a product that is extracted from seaweed plant and there will be different types of gelling agent with it. Kappa carrageenan is a best gelling property that is found to be greatly suitable for the food production. It is one of the stabilizing agents that will control the structure of the water molecules. It is used as a prime component used in pudding preparation.

Kappa carrageenan powder:

Carrageenan extracts from the red seaweeds that are identified to produce gelling, stabilizing and viscous properties. The extraction of powder from these seaweeds is a long process. The seaweeds are dried first and then washed perfectly. Then you have to send to an alkaline extraction process to separate the ingredient from the seaweed extract.

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Kappa carrageenan is an extract from red algae called kappaphycus alverezii and it belongs to the carrageenan algae. This seaweed is dissolved into a liquid and pure kappa is obtained by filtering the other materials. It is compatible with other gum products to produce the gelling effect. Kappa gum can be used as an alternative to eggs and it is applied in combination with starch to make food products. It will act as a powerful stabilizer to get a final touch in milk based on products like cheese, ice creams and so on.

Advantages of kappa carrageenan powder:

  • Kappa contains solubility property that makes this gum applicable for making a variety of food products. It is soluble in hot milk to some extent to the calcium ion prevents this property.
  • When it is mixed with potassium salts kappa forms into brittle gel and presence of more potassium salt will make the gel weaker.

It works as a good stabilizing agent in food processing industry.