Carrageenan as a natural product

carrageenan21Carrageenan is one of the essential food ingredients which take a main role in our day to day food serving. Every food item we consume daily such as flavored milk, soy products, meat based products, vegetable based storage products and gel products has a carrageenan content in it.

The carrageenan will act in a perfect replacer for gelatin due to its gelling property. The carrageenan has more positive properties to use it with a food items. Normally the carrageenan may be labeled as an organic food ingredient but it was treated as a natural food ingredient over 100 years in Asian countries.

The carrageenan is provided in forms in the market such as partially refined carrageenan and fully refined carrageenan. The partially refined carrageenan is considered as natural food ingredient which has der goes any kind of harsh chemical reactions. Cost of partially refined carrageenan is lower than the highly refined carrageenan but it will give you the same results as fully refined carrageenan.

The real fact about the carrageenan is that it is a seaweed extract which grows in sea water only and it doesn’t need any kind of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to encourage its growth. This is a predominant seaweed which grows naturally in the tropical reefs.

Harvesting of the plants of carrageenan has been made by the fishermen in near villages. An important point t to note here is the area where the carrageenan is harvesters is declined for fishing activities to protect the normal growth of carrageenan plants.

Carrageenan harvesting is a major way to get income for the people who live near to the hardening harvesting areas. So that the use of carrageenan will give the indirect benefit of supporting social economic growth for both local carrageenan formers and large carrageenan processing industries.