Carrageenan as a natural product

carrageenan21Carrageenan is one of the essential food ingredients which take a main role in our day to day food serving. Every food item we consume daily such as flavored milk, soy products, meat based products, vegetable based storage products and gel products has a carrageenan content in it.

The carrageenan will act in a perfect replacer for gelatin due to its gelling property. The carrageenan has more positive properties to use it with a food items. Normally the carrageenan may be labeled as an organic food ingredient but it was treated as a natural food ingredient over 100 years in Asian countries.

The carrageenan is provided in forms in the market such as partially refined carrageenan and fully refined carrageenan. The partially refined carrageenan is considered as natural food ingredient which has der goes any kind of harsh chemical reactions. Cost of partially refined carrageenan is lower than the highly refined carrageenan but it will give you the same results as fully refined carrageenan.

The real fact about the carrageenan is that it is a seaweed extract which grows in sea water only and it doesn’t need any kind of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to encourage its growth. This is a predominant seaweed which grows naturally in the tropical reefs.

Harvesting of the plants of carrageenan has been made by the fishermen in near villages. An important point t to note here is the area where the carrageenan is harvesters is declined for fishing activities to protect the normal growth of carrageenan plants.

Carrageenan harvesting is a major way to get income for the people who live near to the hardening harvesting areas. So that the use of carrageenan will give the indirect benefit of supporting social economic growth for both local carrageenan formers and large carrageenan processing industries.

What are the Advantages of Kappa Carrageenan Powder?

Carrageenan is a product that is extracted from seaweed plant and there will be different types of gelling agent with it. Kappa carrageenan is a best gelling property that is found to be greatly suitable for the food production. It is one of the stabilizing agents that will control the structure of the water molecules. It is used as a prime component used in pudding preparation.

Kappa carrageenan powder:

Carrageenan extracts from the red seaweeds that are identified to produce gelling, stabilizing and viscous properties. The extraction of powder from these seaweeds is a long process. The seaweeds are dried first and then washed perfectly. Then you have to send to an alkaline extraction process to separate the ingredient from the seaweed extract.

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Kappa carrageenan is an extract from red algae called kappaphycus alverezii and it belongs to the carrageenan algae. This seaweed is dissolved into a liquid and pure kappa is obtained by filtering the other materials. It is compatible with other gum products to produce the gelling effect. Kappa gum can be used as an alternative to eggs and it is applied in combination with starch to make food products. It will act as a powerful stabilizer to get a final touch in milk based on products like cheese, ice creams and so on.

Advantages of kappa carrageenan powder:

  • Kappa contains solubility property that makes this gum applicable for making a variety of food products. It is soluble in hot milk to some extent to the calcium ion prevents this property.
  • When it is mixed with potassium salts kappa forms into brittle gel and presence of more potassium salt will make the gel weaker.

It works as a good stabilizing agent in food processing industry.

How Carrageenan Is Different from Poligeenan

Carrageenan is the popular type of additive that can be found in most modern food products. This thickening agent is used in toothpaste, ice creams, yogurts, chocolate milk, cream cheese, and many other products. Without the carrageenan, most of the products we know wouldn’t exist so we need to give it to the carrageenan for its important role.
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About the Carrageenan

Carrageenan is the thickening agent; an emulsifier or a stabilizer that can deliver the soft and yet supple appearance. In beauty creams, the substance is responsible for the supple texture. In foods, the substance is delivering the creamy and foamy appearance in yogurts or ice creams. Try to imagine those products without carrageenan; they certainly don’t look appealing, do they?

Carrageenan is considered one of the most natural additives because it is extracted from the red seaweed which is known for its natural nutritional benefits. The process of the extraction itself is pretty simple and safe – it doesn’t include any acid bath and other chemical additions. However, people have developed the wrong idea about the carrageenan, thinking that it is toxic and dangerous – like the poligeenan.

What Is Poligeenan?

Poligeenan is another type of string that results from the seaweed processing. However, unlike the carrageenan that is manufactured and processed in a safe manner, the process to make poligeenan is pretty dangerous because of the acid bath involvement. But you need to remember that carrageenan and poligeenan are two different entities although they may come from the same source. When the red seaweed is processed in the safe method, it results in carrageenan. When the red seaweed is processed in the harmful method, it results in poligeenan. You see the difference? It is pretty simple, really.

The problem with people today is the fact that they easily believe in everything without even bother to do any checking. Just because these substances come from the same source and their names are almost similar, people immediately think that they are just the same.

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How Comes Poligeenan Get Mixed with Carrageenan?

When you asked, is carrageen bad? The answer is no. Carrageenan is not bad as what people heard. Carrageenan is not the substance which is made harshly. Mostly, people know carrageenan is bad because it gets to mix up.

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The different between carrageenan and poligeenan

People get mixed up between poligeenan and carrageenan because the name is quite similar. The fact is that people should not get mixed up between poligeenan and carrageenan. It should not be because the process which is done to create poligeenan requires the seaweed being washed at 194 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 6 hours. It is done in an acidic bath with a pH of 1. It is similar to battery acid. To make poligeenan it needs a very different facility than food-grade carrageenan which does not undergo any aspect of this process.

Some people claimed that the acidic conditions inside the body could turn carrageenan into poligeenan. The fact is that it is completely untrue. The temperature inside the stomach during digestion is 99 degrees Fahrenheit. It is far lower than is required to make poligeenan.

Besides that, this small ingredient will not remain in the stomach for 6 hours. It will pass through and the average acidity of stomach acid is 2.5 on the pH scale. The fact is that the lower the number the more acidic the ingredient. It means that our body is not harsh enough to turn carrageenan to be a poligeenan. If it is compared with the pH 1 acid which is used in the production of poligeenan, carrageenan is not close to that. You could use carrageenan with confident or without a doubt. You can eat will not contain poligeenan or change into poligeenan. You could eat carrageenan safely now. You do not have to worry about poligeenan in food.

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Carrageenan Side Effects – Some Important Facts about the Red Algae

What do you have in your mind about your body? You might do not realize the similarities between engines of a car and our organs. Acar lasts long because the owner treats it well. It should have the best fuel to fill the tank. So does our body. It needs the best foods intake so that you can do your activities every day. A set of themachine goes rusty with all the inexpensive products. You can imagine how miserable our organs are when we let junk foods, toxins, chemical substances and the many others stuff get inside your body. Therefore, you should put more attention on your foods. Choose the healthy ones to fuel your body. It is not easy to deal with various threats out there. However, it does not mean that you should be exaggerating about the ingredients within the foods. One of the most popular ingredients to talk about is carrageenan. People talk about carrageenan side effects and everything in between. You have no idea whether you can accept the rumors or not.

  • The Facts

You might have little information about carrageenan. Therefore, you need to dig more information before making a decision. Carrageenan is a common ingredient  used for thickening the foods. It is derived from the red seaweed. The name is taken from Carrageen Moss in England and Carraigin in Ireland. This species of seaweed has been used since 400 AD. At that time, people used carrageenan for curing coughs, colds, and the other illnesses. This is the point. People will not use it for a long time if they are carrageenan side effects. In the other hands, people keep use it for industrial matters. In addition, they have conducted more researchers to find more benefits of carrageenan.

a2Based on studies, there are two types of carrageenan. The first type is the food-grade carrageenan. It is safe and beneficial. Even the expert toxicologists in a FAO/WHO joint project agree that the food-grade carrageenan is safe for foods. This thickening ingredient is can be consumed with no limit. The second type of carrageenan is the degraded carrageenan. This type is the harmful one. It does not contain any useful properties. Therefore, it is not used for the industries. The rumor about carrageenan side effects spreads because people cannot differentiate the food-grade carrageenan and the degraded carrageenan.