Big Jake

TSX Sex Toys are masters at creating some of the largest, most orgasm inducing dildos, and their award winning Big Jake is the latest addition to our realistic dildo collection. It’s big on size, and big on pleasure.

The Big Jake dildo is made from a body and skin safe PVC vinyl, and has the most realistic detail, from its smooth head to its veined shaft. The smoothness of the head means that it glides in easily, and the detailed veins of the shaft give you more pleasure than you ever thought possible from a dildo.

You can enjoy everything that the Big Jake can offer you by yourself, for a one on one session with you and him, or you can use him with your partner to bring extra depth to your bedroom experiences. However, you choose to use Big Jake, you will want a repeat performance.

The Big Jake dildo is a flesh coloured dildo with eleven inches of length, eight and a half inches can be inserted. It is one and a quarter inches wide at its slimmest point and two and a quarter inches wide at its widest point. It has a minimum circumference of six and a half inches, and a maximum circumference of seven and three quarter inches.

Its quite firm, but the materials that it has been made from do allow some flexibility which makes it easier to insert. It can be used for anal penetration or vaginal penetration, and it can be used on both men and women. It does have a pair of balls at its end, but they are smaller than on other models, which makes it fit your hand slightly more comfortably. The comfortable grip means that you can use your Big Jake in whatever position you want. It’s also waterproof, so you and Big Jake can have a bath or take a shower together, and he won’t be damaged.

It’s definitely a good idea to relax your body before you try using Big Jake. Visibility park , and use a toy safe personal lube. We have a range of personal lubricants that are suitable for using with toys. After you’ve finished with Big Jake, make sure that you clean him thoroughly with a toy safe cleaning solution, like the ones in our range. Keep Big Jake ready when you are for some of the most thrilling sensations of your life.