Bitcoin‌ ‌And‌ ‌Block-Chain‌ ‌

In this article, we will study about the Bitcoin Revolution and Block-chain. We will discuss the similarity and dissimilarity of Block-chain and the Bitcoin Revolution. Either it is the same thing, or they are different fields of business? Image result for bitcoin image

What Is Bitcoin Revolution Review?

 Bitcoin Revolution is an online system of Trading. It is a digital currency system that consists of the electronic system. It is such a type of trading system that can facilitate the user by providing the extra amount in his account. This system consists of software that is automated and robotic. It can run automatically. Most of the users of the Bitcoin revolution use this business as an optional job. It is straightforward and easy to use. Its homepage provides you multiple options and informative videos that are very useful for the newcomers. Bitcoin system utilizes the Block-chain for the trading system. Bitcoin depends upon Block-chain. Without Block-chain, the Bitcoin revolution is impossible. 

What is Block-chain? 

Block-chain is a computer file that can store your data. It can decentralize your data and distribute it into many computers. Decentralization makes the computer data trans-formative on the whole network. In this system, the data is processed in many ways. So the information is verified by this Block-chain system. We can say that Bitcoin is specially designed for bit-coin. Bitcoin is impossible without this Block-chain system. So these two names are interchanged with each other. 

Difference between the Bitcoin and Block-chain:

Block-chain is such a type of technology that can support Bitcoin. But both the Bitcoin and Block-chain are not the same things. Both the Block-chain and Bitcoin are both linked with each other. That why it confuses most of the people that these are both the same things. They take a long time to differentiate that these both are similar in many respects as well as wise miller from each other.


  1. It can transfer the money between its users.
  2. Bitcoin is impossible without Block-chain. It is powered by block-chain technology.
  3. It promotes mystery. 
  4. It is crypto-currency between the users. 


  1. It can be used to transfer all types of things like property transfer and all kinds of information.
  2. Block-chain has many uses instead of Bitcoin. 
  3. Block-chain is applied to specific sectors. It is related to transparency. 
  4. It can distribute the data. 

Applications of Blockchain:

The essential benefit of the Blockchain is that it is beneficial to trace the record. You can quickly determine the history of anything. The gold company traces the gold from the mine. Similarly, it can also discover the customer that wants to purchase this gold. The person who wishes to buy this gold can easily find the record and could be secure from fraudulent.

It utilizes smart cards. It can form digital relationships with the help of a Smart card. When you meet the requirement of the customer and fulfill the contract, then you can release the payment with the help of this smart contract.

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