CBD and Bipolar Disorder: Scientists are getting answers!


As of now, more than 40% of the total world population is facing one or another form of stress or anxiety. Every person with anxiety is searching for more than one conclusive way to eradicate their problems and get back on track. There is a long list of possible alternative choices to choose from in order to take care of anxiety and other things, among which CBD, derived from a cannabis plant, tops the list. However, to find out how CBD can help patients who are suffering from bipolar disorder, one needs to understand what Bipolar Disorder actually is?

What is bipolar disorder?

While suffering from a bipolar disorder, a person shows symptoms of changed cognitive behavior and faces extreme kinds of mood swings. These mood swings are high in nature and happen over time. These are chaotic episodes of mood swings in which a person suffers from depression. A person suffering from bipolar disorder is unpredictable, and chances are that these mood swings are so random that a person can get violent over anytime. Not only does it hinders a person’s personality when he is doing some kind of work, but it also affects his relationship, his work routine as well as other things. One experiences a different kind of behavioral changes and might suffer from different symptoms such as alcoholism, mania, and hypomania. There are other psych related symptoms attached to bipolar disorder too.

CBD, a valid treatment for bipolar disorder

As of now, the most common form of CBD is being used in a liquid form and is available in the form of oil. CBD is a natural plant-based extract and contains various forms of phytochemicals that are commonly known as phytocannabinoids. Human cannabinoids are actually the molecules that give out good feelings, and the human body naturally produces it. Whenever a person engages in any kind of activity, he feels secure and relaxed because of these cannabinoids. That is why researchers wanted to research how CBD can help improvise the daily routine for people who are suffering from bipolar disorder.

CBD and Bipolar related psychosis

Researchers accept that the antipsychotic impacts of CBD could be helpful in patients with bipolar-related maniacal indications. In addition, reports show that CBD has anticonvulsant properties and displays defensive impacts against glutamate harmfulness and may be helpful in mood stabilization actions that are coherent to some other anti-convulses of assigned value in Bipolar Affective Disorder.

As of now, some researchers have suggested that CBD is helpful in the recovery of those people who are suffering from psych and maniac issues. It was noted and confirmed in an observation when animal tests were conducted. In the test, animals showed positive response as they showed antipsychotic activity when CBD was induced in their system. In addition to that, another study showed that a patient suffering from schizophrenia recovered vastly when given an oral dose of CBD. According to the results, he showed almost 60 percent improvements in his symptoms after receiving 4 weeks of CBD therapy.

Impact of CBD on Bipolar disorder’s manic and hypomanic episodes

Sadly, there is not much evidence related to the effectiveness of CBD in the case of bipolar disorder. However, the usage of cannabis and its effectiveness is still being investigated. There are more than 70% of people who have reported that they have tried using cannabis for their symptoms and have benefited greatly from it. Almost 30% of them use this cannabis on a regular basis. A study revealed that people used cannabis when they suffered from bipolar disorder, as it benefited them with great outcomes and interfered with their maniac episodes.

To measure the significance and to calculate the beneficial outcomes of using CBD in patients suffering from bipolar disorder, the need of the hour is that more research must be conducted.

The final verdict

It is known that bipolar disorder adversely affects the daily routine activities of people, and it is almost impossible to be treated effectively. Yet, with the help of CBD, some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder are alleviated as it works with the neurotransmitters and other hormones. CBD also helps in alleviating tension, anxiety, insomnia, and other psychological symptoms such as depression. Although CBD has been marked safe to use in some cases, yet one must consult with their physician before trying CBD in the form of medication. One must check with their local laws too before using any of the medication derived from a cannabis plant. Avoid any supplement intake without consulting your doctor, as some of the supplements derived from a cannabis plant can make conditions much worse for a person suffering from bipolar disorder.