Context-Free Living… Living With out Boundaries!

I realize by now that you’ve heard the particular terms Debt-Free Residing, Disease-Free Living, or an overabundance regarding other such coined terms for numerous marketing ploys to sell products and providers. However, I’m not really here to sell an individual anything, as exactly what I’m offering, an individual already have! A person just can’t say for sure that yet!


A context is actually a circumstances, point of guide, or a scenario by which a particular view is usually aligned and also a special meaning is derived. Our own personal contexts are those rules, idea systems, and intellectual maps that we have developed over our lives that provide us all using a basis for making decisions, moving judgment, applying tendency, filtering incoming info, and learning new ideas.

Immediately, it becomes apparent of which living a context-free life is impossible. If we even experimented with to achieve this, we all would become mental vegetables! Information in addition to sensory information might simply flow inside and flop within the floors of our own minds.

But, living with an excessively complex contextual level of reference can have a similar affect. In these kinds of a case, information and sensory info are processed in order to the point regarding non-existence and we neither move ahead or backward in our lives plus learning. Instead, all data is mashed and sliced to fit neatly within the particular knowledge we previously have only to make sure a safety framework.

With complex situations, regardless of exactly how absurd or inaccurate our context is, the mind will devise any justification even if it uses a basis of other ridiculous or inaccurate information. It is our own method to ensure that our comfort areas go unaffected.

Your current Contextual References

All of us all have some point of reference that we use to be able to analyze and retail store information that arrives in through our physical senses in addition to psi channels. These kinds of contexts come coming from parental voices, specialist figures, experiences, trauma, and success. Because we move through lifestyle, the context will be usually altered to simply accept new information plus understand how it is to be processed and managed.

However, many people’s complex contextual recommendations block and isolate the internal mind to the point of stifling and smothering the particular mental processes. Typically the mind can then only reprocess the same details it has succeeded in doing so in the past. In the finish, you derive typically the same answers to be able to the same problems and end upwards back at the point you began.

Simplifying Your Framework

On the intense, over time, regulations beget rules right up until, eventually, we have a complex info filtration system that will kicks out anything that remote resembles some idea or information not totally in-line with this techniques of belief. The particular human mind has a tendency to develop such intricacy to answer concerns that it is usually unsure. It creates a web of cross-connected information to provide evidence that our lives and beliefs are validated.

This type of thought method leads to a stifling existence, small creativity, and a biased view of life as a new whole. In the end, we end up with self-composed theories about exactly how things are and may be and are usually unwilling to acknowledge anything else. At some point we can come to be embittered, angry, disappointed, envious, and prejudiced.

The most effective, yet hard, method to manage these kinds of a situation will be to simplify plus eliminate those regulations and beliefs which may have no basis in your lifetime. Why do you hate? Why perform you feel a certain way about people or situations? This is a difficult way to be able to approach the solution since you will usually develop a response dependent on our preconceived notions and intricate rules of considered. Such preconceived Free Notion Competitor of people plus situations are basically ideas to protect our imbalanced setting of thought. This is when we need in order to start!

By identifying the notions of which create the feelings, it really is much simpler to analyze. Lessen these rules into the bare lowest and identify the foundation where these kinds of rules are dependent. You might discover that, as a person meander through your own thought processes, that many of your current ideas might be based on parent voices or misconceptions. Replace the parent voices with your own commands plus expectations. Analyze and research your misconceptions to identify the particular realities behind typically the knowledge. Can it be practical to think this way or should an individual modify your idea systems to cater to a new, reasonable foundation?

Feedback in addition to Processing

Once we’re able to open up our minds to be able to new ways of considered and minimize our preconceived notions, we are usually then open to variety new ideas in addition to information that we never thought possible. Not just will we have the ability to accept in addition to process new info, but we will certainly be able to grow.

In reality, our mental faculties are merely a processing site for information. Place together, all of us are but a massive allocated processing system. I remember that SETI got this distributed running model for handling and processing vast amounts of data. This allowed computer consumers around the globe to download their software, which prepared the plethora regarding data from their deep-space listening posts. The data was down loaded to the users’ machines, processed, in addition to delivered back to the particular central site regarding consolidation and research.

The human brain takes in details through our sensory faculties and processes this in line with the rules and cognitive maps we have created over typically the years. It and then pushes the effects back up to the Grid, the World, for storage and access — the long-term, collective memory space. The brain will be not an isolated device and cannot live as such. It takes input plus information exchange — sensory and psi input is vital with regard to healthy mental plus physical processing.

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