Free Domain Name Searches

Quite often freebies of different kinds are offered on the Internet. In fact, though, very few of them are really free. Those making the offer will more often than not expect something in domain .com

Under normal circumstances, you have to pay some amount of money to get your domain name registered. Recently however some companies are offering free domain names. In return, they may require customers to add banner ads to their websites or to participate in other marketing schemes. The provider of the free domain is in most cases likely to remain the owner of the domain. Among the defunct companies that offered free domain names were NameZero and Freeservers (a subsidiary of NetZero at present).

Belgium is one European country that offers free domains in the .be TLD. Perhaps part of a temporary promotion, there could well be a renewal fee eventually for the registrants to maintain their domains.

But compared to other offers, there are relatively few that offer you free domains when you sign up for an offer. It may be because the costs of these services or products are too low to deserve much interest. There indeed are a few free domain offers on the net, but they expect you either to buy hosting or to sign up and post at forums. But remember, most web hosting companies will register the ‘free’ domain in their own name. If you are annoyed due to some reason or the other and want to change the web host, you lose the domain name. That means all the hard work you put in to develop the brand image goes up in smoke. However, it is not exactly an intelligent move to refuse a free domain name if there is no catch involved. You can find about free domain names from various databases through various Web sites.

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