Full Guide: How to Buy Double Dildos

Sometimes, you are faced by the need to bootie bump with your partner. The erotic visual and bum stimulation is extremely arousing. For some, you just want to see how deep a penetration you can accommodate. Whatever your desire, you will fall in love with our double dildos. Double dildos are impressive sex toys designed for double penetration with two penis shaped tips for each partner. They come in long insertable lengths ranging from 10 to 16 inches long. For those looking for longer sizes, you will definitely not be lacking. There are double dildos measuring up to 2 feet in length from tip-to-tip. Most double dildos are made from bendable materials for ease of penetration and partner simultaneous thrusting. However, you can still find them in rigid materials including glass and metal.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2351/2959/collections/bath-and-massage.jpg?v=1544096719

Double dildos were first popularised by lesbian couples faced with the need for mutual penetration. Each woman would insert one end of the dildo to their vagina and they would meet in the middle. Now, double dildos are loved by gay and vanilla couples looking for joint stimulation. While their designers had partner play in mind when crafting double dildos, solo sex enthusiasts have figured that these toys are exceptional for self-pleasure. You can insert the dildo as deep as you want, challenging the limits of your penetrative needs your partner can never fulfil. For women, you can bend it up for simultaneous anal and vaginal solo penetration. With one of this bad boy in your collection, you simple won’t handle the pleasure. Whether you use it with a partner or solo, a double dildo will definitely add excitement to your play session.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Double Dildos

There are a few things you need to consider when shopping for your perfect double dildo. These include:


Size includes both the insertable length and girth. Contemplate on how you intend to use the dildo. If for partner play, it is crucial that you get a girth that is comfortable and pleasurable for both of you. Choose as girth similar or close to the last penetrative dildo or penis you indulged in. For partner play, you also need to choose longer lengths to make sure everyone gets a deep enough penetration. For solo play, be wild and let your fullness and penetrative desires guide you. But be careful on insertable girth, a too large dildo maybe unusable no matter how much you desire to.

Material and Care

For both functionality and pleasure, double dildos are made from different materials including:

Silicone: It is flexible, waterproof and soft making it ideal for manufacture of anal and vaginal double dildos. If cleaned properly, you can use the double dildo for oral- anal /vaginal stimulation. Silicone double dildos are easy to clean with hot water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. You can even pop it into the dishwasher if you need a thorough sterilization. The drawback is that it has a rubbery smell though this tends to dissipate after several washes.

Latex, Rubber and PVC: These materials are highly bendable yet firm making for ideal double dildos for strength and flexibility. They are also smooth, squishy and soft, giving you a realistic feel and increased pleasure during penetration. The down side of these materials is that they are porous hence, can harbour bacteria except for latex. Make sure to use a good toy cleaner after every use to cleanse and sterilize your double dildo. Air-dry completely before storage. You might also need to spray the dildo with an antibacterial toy cleaner before use just to be safe. Please note that latex can cause allergic reactions for people with sensitive skin. If this happens please discontinue use of the double dildo and switch to a safer material like silicone.

Jelly: This is one of the most common sex materials in the market. However, its popularity has significantly decreased after phthalates, a soft formulation of plastic used in making jelly were linked to cancer. But despite this drawback, jelly gives you a feeling as though the dildo is alive during penetration. Make sure to buy your jelly sex toys and dildos from reputable adult shops like Peaches and Screams to make sure you get quality products. Also check the dildo material composition to determine if it contains phthalates. Jelly is highly porous, make sure to clean thoroughly using a sex toy cleaner. It is also advisable to slide a condom on the jelly double dildo before penetration for your health.

Glass and Metal: Some people find rigidity and the challenge of achieving a position with inflexible materials arousing. For that reason, glass and metal double dildos are increasing gaining popularity. These materials are hard, yet offer a smooth texture that makes insertion and removal ultimately pleasurable. They are non-porous hence, can be safely used for vaginal, anal and oral stimulation. Both metal and glass are great for temperature plays. They are easy to clean and sterilize with hot soapy water and toy cleaner which is key especially if you plan to play with your partner. The down side is that they don’t feel realistic, but on their own sensations, they will leave your legs shaking.

Lastly, Consider Added Advantage

As you settle on the size and material of your double dildo, think about the extra features that you need to make your penetrations even more pleasurable. Think about the shape and texture of your selection. Do you want a curved tip to increase G-spot or P-stop stimulation? Maybe a ridged or beaded shaft will deliver you the big orgasm you have been looking for? Or you would like to enjoy some vibrations in the shower? Whatever it is that makes your sexual desires come true, you are free to have it. Remember you are the master of your bedroom pleasures, be in command.

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