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I have had close friends together with family calling such as well as sending email messages asking me with regards to a new couple of issues relevant to Garmin voices. Mainly, most of them have purchased a Garmin Nuvi and are engaged in discovering how to find Garmin Nuvi comments free of charge downloads. You may furthermore be interested in free Garmin comments or maybe you prefer custom Nuvi voices or the High grade. What ever your Nuvi’s cause you to be will find something here.

Garmin Premium Sounds

Many people are seeking premium GPS UNIT voices. They will enjoy what they hear whilst driving. Surfing typically the internet you might come throughout voices such as Spy Dogg, Homer, Stewie, Mister. T, GOzzy Osbourne and many other which may be premium Garmin voices. However, there are only a couple of superior voices endorsed and marketed simply by Garmin. They are this SpongeBob SquarePants together with Dora the Explorer.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob SquarePants is a voice most people fancy. If you are driving a car alone, you can really appreciate the company of the pal who has his eye on the road and even can still allow you to have a good laugh. The SpongeBob package deal comes with two fun SpongeBob car emblems to liven up your own Garmin map display screen.

Dora the Explorer

The particular Dora the Explorer High grade Words is the sweet tone of voice of a true explorer. It really is laced with a new great deal of excitement. I personally desire that Nickelodeon’s Dora voice to be able to the SpongeBob SquarePants Superior voice.

Superior Voices Selling price

As you may assume, the SpongeBob SquarePants plus Dora the Manager Comments are not free Garmin voices. They come with a cost. My study indicates that will as with May, in 2011, they equally sell for $5. 99 on the Garmin web page.

Custom Garmin Voices

Garmin knows that some men and women abhor typically the plan regarding being instructed how to proceed; many people don’t like someone trying to play the lord over them. In the event that is an individual, and you have enough time and patience, Garmin will not be troubled with you becoming your own personal boss.

The Garmin Nuvi voices page provides you with instrument for you to create your own tone of voice force so no a single has to tell you exactly what to do. If anyone are comfortable with some sort of good friend or family associate telling you what to implement when driving, you will get them all do that for you personally. Anyone could as well get Director Obama to accomplish same for you personally.

Garmin Nuvi Voices Free of cost Downloads

In the event that you are interested around Free Garmin voices, that is where you need to pay out more awareness. There are generally several free Garmin sounds you can download straight at the Tools page. Notable among these Garmin Nuvi voices free downloads available are Hombre de las nieves, Elfred typically the Elf, Squirrely the Squirrel and Dr. Nightmare!


It is a simple truth that will Yetis do a great deal regarding driving a vehicle. More often than not their trips that are cross-country in nature notice them regularly charting different tracé for which factor, a new GPS device will be a new must have.

Using the Yeti Noises, Yetis can enjoy their runs even more. However, if you are not the Yeti, I will not necessarily advise that you acquire this voice. I actually tried the idea and could barely notice the voice requests properly; you don’t need to be second-guessing which usually course to take. So why would you get this GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM device in often the first place?

Elfred the Elf

This free Garmin voice is composed for you to put an individual in typically the holiday mood. You are going to get pleasure from Elfred’s great know-how plus sense of humor upon your vacation vacation.

Squirrely the Squirrel

Squirrely the particular Squirrel is really a enjoyable and delightful tone of voice prompt. garmin map update Nevertheless, just like the Hombre de las nieves, you may find it difficult deciphering all the voice prompts.

Dr. Headache

Anyone should know how this specific tone sounds from it is name could you ever find out that. It may be real fun listening to this haunted voice pack. However, it is with regard to the fearless. I may know how courageous your family is but We don’t recommend this tone in the car that takes the family to classes.

Voices Compatibility

These kinds of voices are compatible with best Garmin Nuvi makes. You could download voices and transfer to the 200 Set upward through the high-end 3700 Sequence. Even typically the much aged Nuvi five thousand can as well turn out to be charged with any of often the GPS sounds you pick.

Some conditions exist though. The voices aren’t appropriate with the Garmin Nuvi GPS UNIT devices listed beneath:

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