How to avoid bad guys on hookup sites

Today is a big questionhow bad guy, bad men, works, and you can avoid these big mistakes when it comes to adult dating sites and apps.I’ve got so many woman all over the world. I’m actually in small island. It’s a small Island close to South Africa. I’m doing a workshop and a big speech here, and, this is funny for me because, everyone now is on dating app: Tinder, Apple, whatever the, Bumble. Whatever the app you are, I have helped a lot of woman who have told me, Alex I put on my profile just hookups and that doesn’t stop bad guys to come, and I feel people are not really trustful. And the reason why, this is something really important, if you put “just hookups” on your profile, that means you want a serious relationship.

This is cool, right? Because people knows exactly what you want. But the truth about that is this is really not good. Because a man will know what you want. And if I am a bad guy, I would come to you, I would tell you the words that you want to hear, I want a serious relationship. I’m able to commit. I know what I want. I never met a woman like you. And then you will say, “Oh, this guys is nice. He seems to know what he wants.” But in reality, I am just here to tell you what you want to hear. So when you put “just hookup” that means you are giving everything to the man. He can know everything about you. He can tell you what you want to hear, and then you will lose the control of the relationship.

And you will say, “I don’t understand. Adult dating app is not working for me. Hookup website is not working for me.” Because in fact, in reality, you just gave too much information, you gave too much information, and this man will know exactly what you want. When we see “just hookups,” that means a woman was looking for a serious relationship, and if I can tell her what she wants, I will go straight to her heart, and I can get her. Which is not what I want for you.

So I know it’s really not easy to hear what I’m saying, but don’t give too much information. Let this man ask you question. Let this man try to attract you. Stay in a position where you get the power. This man has to fight for you. When you feel like that, you can write whatever you want in your profile, what do you like, what is the best movie you have ever seen, where do you want to travel.

We want to create anrational connection, not emotional connection. What is the difference? Emotional is more, wow. We spend time together, and I didn’t see the time. The time goes fast with you. The rational connection is you don’twant to be in a relationship, I will tell you what you want, I will give you what you want, even if it’s not myself. And then in three months, you will be oh, this guy is a bad guy, oh we are not finally compatible. Why? Because he told you what you want to hear, and you told him what he wants to hear, not who you are exactly, not who is this guy exactly.

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