How to Find the Best Types of Crystal for Chandeliers?

The right chandelier can enliven the look of your house. It is a wonderful addition to your living room, dining area, staircase, etc. To create the desired impact, it is important to choose the appropriate cut and type of crystal.

In this article, we will take you through the best crystal chandelier types to enhance the beauty of your place.Image result for chandelier

Types of Crystal Chandeliers

  • K9 Chinese Crystal Chandelier

This is a widely used crystal for the construction of a chandelier. It is also called Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Crystal. It has 9% lead content.

The pros about this crystal are that it exhibits low dispersal properties and it doesn’t need several incisions at the time of cutting it to the desired shape. The use of optical crystal makes it clearer and free from scratches and bubbles.

K9 crystal has a high refractive index. Thus, in comparison to other types of crystals it offers more “shimmer”. Due to high reflective content, it creates a glittering effect in the room. If you are looking to buy beautiful chandeliers, then visit Sofary. This is the best place to find customized, statement-making, and unique chandeliers at a reasonable price.

  • Swarovski Crystals (Austrian)

These crystals are made of machine-cut glass. They are coated in a solution that offers additional durability. These crystals are a little expensive and have a perfectly sharp surface. It has above 30% lead content. Swarovski Crystals are ideal options for people who want crystals in several colors.

  • Spectra Crystal

This type of crystal is less costly than other Swarovski crystals. In comparison to the Strass crystal, the Spectra crystal is available in limited shapes and sizes.

  • Turkish Crystal

A lot of labor is needed to create this crystal. The crystal is hand-cut in two stages (first on iron and later on sandstone grinding wheels). This is followed by polishing it on a wood wheel using marble dust.

  • Italian Crystal

This crystal is shaped and fire-polished than machine and hand-cut to create a beautifully subtle luminosity. In comparison to cur crystal, it is available at a modest price.

  • Gem cut Crystals (Egyptian)

These crystals have a good amount of lead oxide and offer excellent lustre and shimmer. However, you need to maintain it well.

You will need to clean them once in two months. These flawless crystals possess unbelievable clarity that helps in creating more lustrous reflective lighting patterns. It is best for a truly style statement-making chandelier, which commands complete attention of visitors in any room.

Common Types of Crystal Chandelier Cuts

Chandeliers come in a variety of cuts that includes conventional octagon shape, which offers a significant ability of reflection. It has long, straight and pointed, crystals. You can also get them in the shape of a flower, and rosette. Teardrop-shaped and Baguette crystals are other popular choices in cuts of chandeliers.


Irrespective of its cut and design, a crystal chandelier is one of the perfect centrepieces for your home. The above knowledge of the different types and cuts of a crystal chandelier will help you buy the dream design at the best price.

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