Key exercise bike features and basic placing tips



When you try to decide between a few various exercise bikes, pay attention to the key features:

  • A folding design: A folding exercise bike would be attractive if you like to use your bike in the living room, then getting it out of the way when you’re done. And if you have a limited budget, you won’t have a lot of trouble searching for a folding exercise bike. They’re suitable for beginners, and they don’t take up a lot of space.
  • Non-slip legs: It’s very important to be safe while you cycle. Ensure you’re getting an exercise bike with a secure base. Non-slip legs keep your exercise bike from slipping around even though you’re cycling at high speeds.
  • Pulse monitor: You could keep track of how challenging you’re working your whole body by taking the use of a heart rate monitor exercise bike. Many exercise bikes use a pulse sensor in the handlebars. Grip them tightly, wait a few seconds, and then take a peek at the console for you to read. If your bike is not fitted with a pulse monitor, you may consider wearing a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor design.
  • Magnetic vs. brake-based resistance: Not every single exercise bike uses the same structure to generate various resistance levels. There are two major types of exercise bikes – brake-based or magnetic. A brake-based structure uses a flywheel to store rotational energy. If you cycle fast and pause right away, the flywheel can spin for a short time. For bikes that use magnetic resistance structure, adjusting the ‘difficulty’ mode affects the location of the magnets within the flywheel. If the magnets are nearer to the flywheel, there will be more energy slowing down the wheel and thus more resistance. Exercise bikes using a brake-based design are typically cheaper than the other type. Magnetic exercise bikes need less maintenance and less noise.


How much room do you need for a bike exercise?

This would depend solely on the option of the exercise bike you use and if it is foldable. An upright exercise bike doesn’t take a lot of floor space, since you’re sitting vertically or standing on the pedals most of the time you’re training. They typically measure about a meter in length and are approximately 0.5 m tall. Aim for 0.5 m of free space on all sides of the bike so you do not hit something. Check the details on the manufacturer’s website if you are unsure. On the other side, you’ll have a recumbent exercise bike in a reclining position, so you’ll need to consider more room when it comes to purchasing. They normally weigh around 1.6m-2 m in length.

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