Mistakes many people do during sensual massage


Before we start exploring the common mistakes that many people commit while delivering or receiving a sensual massage, let us take you through the reasons that fundamentally lead to these deficiencies. Firstly, not many people are acquainted with the fact that there exists a separate tributary of massage commonly known as erotic, sensual or tantric massage and it has been delineated to cater to the carnal desires of a person. Secondly, when two bodies unite to fulfill each other’s desires, there cannot be any hint of inhibitions between them; but, unfortunately, the society has acclimatized man in such a way that every time he takes a step forward to acknowledge his physical needs, his conscience pricks and restricts him to make the most out of it. Even though sensual massage has gained a lot of limelight in the last few years owing to its effectiveness and the high quotient of pleasure, there are places where most people go wrong and in the following section, we will be jotting down some of those for your better understanding.

  • Not creating the perfect mood

Whenever we mention the word “massage”, the first picture that is bound to hit your mind is that of a soothing and relaxed ambiance. For erotic massage to work its magic, it must be sufficed with an environment that is adorned with dim lighting, aromatic candles, and calming music. Under no circumstances can you make the most out of a massage when it is delivered amidst the hustling noises and bright lights that one normally comes across in a crowded place. The very rudiment of sensual massage therapy is to transfer you to an erotic level that exists way above the mundane chores of everyday life and this cannot be possible without setting the perfect mood to complement it.

  • Not satisfying any specific area

The biggest glitch that can stand in the way of the skills of the masseuse and your pleasure is that of not satisfying any specific area. If you are opting for a sensual massage just to let loose and relax your body with the added advantage of pleasure, then the specifics are not as important. Nevertheless, if you want a certain area of erogenous parts to be stimulated, then the masseuse at erotic massage Mayfair London must be told to do so at the beginning of the session itself. The sad part is, the majority of the masseuses simply assume that the clients are here for sexual pleasure but, that is not always true.

  • Extremely slow strokes

A preconceived notion that has been doing rounds in the erotic realms for quite some time now is that in order to incite pleasure, the masseuse must apply an extremely slow stroke speed. Nonetheless, we are going to burst this bubble of myth for you; the secret door to unprecedented pleasure lies hidden within the different modes of pressure and pace. A masseuse who is familiar with every intricate notch of her art will know how mixing the paces can be capitalized in the client’s favor and the ideal moments at which the speed can be beneficially altered.

  • Pouring the oil directly on to the skin

Pouring the oil directly on to the person’s skin is that one mistake that we are certain almost all clients have fallen victim to. The right way of initiating a Erotic Massage London is by rubbing the oil between the palms for sometime for it reaches the optimum temperature at first and then softly spread it across the target areas of the body. Pouring oil that is either too hot or cold directly on the body disrupts the essence of the massage and steals away the warmth and pleasure that is supposed to deliver in the initial stage itself.

Thus, if you wish to enjoy a therapeutic and fulfilling session of erotic massage Mayfair London then, we would recommend you to visit reputed professionals who come with a lot of experience in their bags and can outline our requirements in no time.