Offering Your Outboard Motor the Once Over

Having recently a new close look in my brand brand new Tohatsu outboard (well, it”s eighteen months old! ) I have been quite alarmed to discover that this as soon as pristine and stunning beast has in fact at this tender age begun currently to suffer the particular ravages of dwelling outdoors in warm Queensland. I happened to have a bit involving a look close to and also have started in order to find lots of places where the terrifying corrosion has began its evil operate.

I was quite fascinated to determine around the marina that lots of outboards are still extremely young but usually are suffering quite poorly through the combined results of wind plus weather. Most outboard engines (unless applied for full moment cruising) probably only run about sixty odd hours a year, so it”s fairly common to locate them in fairly ropey physical condition whilst mechanically they will are still have barely done an excellent day”s work.

The outboard engine manufacturers do a sterling task generally keeping the particular elements out simply by using several levels of good good quality primers and hardened paints but obviously after an although in general work with, chips, knocks marks and minor crashes take their toll on the fresh paint. Once this precious seal in opposition to the weather is usually compromised, salt can easily reach the revealed metal and also quickly, the corrosion pieces to work.

Typically the engine manufacturers utilize the best kind off aluminum alloys obtainable both for economic system and particularly lightness yet as we all know aluminum is extremely prone to saltwater corrosion. You are all doubtless familiar with the dreaded montage that appear in the paintwork, many intact, some cracked plus the familiar whitish-grey powder that shows up. This of training course is aluminum oxide or hydroxide, period pick!

If this slippery slope to wreck continues it can not be long before the engine will be beyond the stage of redemption therefore some prompt action is required on the part.

Generally speaking the idea is to get the particular engine off the boat and it”s pretty essential to get it somewhere dried out and out associated with the weather. On the other hand, this is not really critical as very long as the weather is dry in addition to it”s not heading to be moist or damp since this will really avoid any of the desired result through happening. Naturally, several large outboards are unable to be taken off the boat and will certainly have to become addressed in situ, yet again, an ideal out of the weather spot should be found.

Few tools are required with this job and typically the following should always be included.

* Electrical drill.
* A variety of wire brushes equally hand and rotary for removal regarding dirt, scale, oxides, flaky paint.
5. of wet plus dry sandpaper ranging from 150 in order to around 1200.
5. A sandable Epoxy two pack putty for filling, a selection of spatulas for application and mixing. There are several choices out presently there within the markets and even your local components store will suggest this.

Almost all outboard engine producers have all of the range of aerosol cans designed for feel up jobs but where a sensible amount is necessary, it is often possible to get a really good match in you local Auto superstore. Primer is generally Zinc Chromate dependent but care ought to be taken not to inhale the smells. Needless to state a really great mask system should be used although spray painting as well as all the typical precautions should always be taken whilst working with flammable liquids such as thinners and even so on. A new couple of really fine paint brushes can be utilized for feel ups and getting the rare places. (the paint can easily be sprayed out of your can into the particular spray can plastic-type material lid for this job. )

2. A Spray can of paint remover.
* A few of small documents to reach unavailable places

Replacement unit decals for outboard motors are incredibly overpriced and We cannot, for the life of me, see why. My advice is to ignore these people completely and if they are not too poor, mask them upward carefully and if essential, touch them upwards yourself. Failing this particular, it is possible to get replacements made in your local computerized sign shop. Outboard engine stockists and manufacturers acquire note: We are usually sick of getting cleaned program your stupidly priced decals!

The first job is to be able to really make positive the engine will be cleaned as carefully as possible and remove all traces of oil, gasoline, grease and dirt utilizing a degreaser wherever needed. Hose downward all loose airborne dirt and dust and dry away from thoroughly.

Remove most anodes and store them away or even buy new kinds!

Once the motor is usually dry, gently take out all traces involving loose and flaking paint, rust plus any salty deposits on the calf and motor. This is certainly done using the electric drill and line brushes.

NOTE: Perform not overspeed typically the drill or press too hard for the soft aluminum metal as it is certainly relatively soft plus can be ruined effortlessly. The color coating is generally quite thin in addition to easily removed.

Enough time has come in order to mix up the filler and fill out almost all the dings plus damaged areas of the motor. Abandon to heal thoroughly plus when cured yellow sand back smooth using the assorted marks of wet plus dry. When satisfied, blow away just about all dust with some sort of compressor or simply hand brush aside all the particles. Final finishing will show up any even more areas to complete.
Once again hose away all residue plus dry it out completely.

Mask way up any areas of which do not require to be dispersed, far better in order to mask now in order to try to wash off the overspray later on on!

There is little set plan as to how many jackets of primer in order to spray on nevertheless within reason, typically the more coats you may afford to place on, the greater the particular final protection is going to be and the better finish you will certainly attain. You might have all heard of the old saying, “It”s all in the preparation” in this instance, nothing could always be truer!