Silver Coin Jewelry Trend Report

Silver Coin Jewelry

Vintage looking jewelry can give an outfit character, but often it’s hard to find pieces that truly work. This week, we’ll explore a very popular trend that major designers are loving: silver coin jewelry. We’re talking about silver jewelry with the addition of silver coins as charms or as the foundation of the piece. They’re a unique, versatile type of jewelry, and are being made in a myriad of different types of pieces. Whether it’s as a dramatic statement ring, collar style necklace or a simple pendant, you can get very creative with how you wear your coin jewelry and how they are being designed. While you may or may not love them, they are here for the season and will be a staple in many collections. Coin jewelry is a distinguishable trend and one that certainly allows you to get creative.

Pick a style, any style

Silver coin jewelry isn’t just a certain type of piece that has to be worn as a ring or a bracelet. Designers are getting really creative with how they are crafting their items. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Bib necklaces, dangly earrings, medallion bracelets and large rings, really any style or type of jewelry you prefer has a silver coin version that you’ll fall in love with this season. Some people always have to have a nice pair of earrings, while others turn to necklaces to pull an outfit together. Whatever type of jewelry you tend to lean towards, you’ll be able to find multiple silver coin jewelry pieces in that particular kind.

Never too many silver coins

Want a one-coin medallion, or a bib with countless coins? Either way, both are in style. Rock a simple necklace or stud earrings with just one silver coin. Draw attention to the singular style, and go for a simplistic look. On the other side, more daring fashionistas can wear pieces with as many silver coins they like. Cheap Jewelry Store Online may want to look at the Gina Cueto Priscilla Necklace we just got in.

This necklace is the perfect combination of classiness and trendiness. While it takes someone willing to make a statement to wear it does it with pride. Pair with a denim shirt and black leggings during the day, or a fitted patterned dress at night.

Silver and Gold

Silver coin jewelry is a major trend, and if you’re a fan of the style, you can also find pieces that incorporate gold tones, too. Mixed metals are the best of both worlds, and can be incorporated with silver coin pieces. You can even double up silver coin pieces with mixed styles for a particularly edgy look! For a more refined look, silver coin jewelry with a simple gold outline or gold and brass color accents works really well as well.

Silver Coin jewelry

With so many variations, silver coin jewelry is a must-have and is hot this season! With the holidays around the corner, it’s a perfect suggestion when someone asks you for gift ideas. Can’t picture yourself wearing it? Maybe there is someone who deserves a gift that you can picture in it. So whether you are into the Silver Coin Jewelry trend or not, its here for the season.

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