The Inside History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

According to Henry’s law, a certain gas is dissolved by a liquid in proportion to its partial pressure. This theory is the building block of the concept of the HBOT or the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The hyperbaric therapy is the latest trend in the world of medical science that has changed the way the patients suffering from Autism were treated. With the improvements in technology and the advancements in medical science, the technique and the design of the Hbot chambers got sophisticated in no time. Currently the hbot chambers, which are being manufactured by several companies who are in this business for years, have changed the looks to portable chambers, which are easy to install, use, and are completely safe.

The basis of the hyperbaric therapy is to increase the air pressure i.e., to increase the pressure of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere in order to circulate the body tissues with extra oxygen. In most of the cases, it was seen that a person who was at a higher elevation from the sea level did intake lesser amount of oxygen in comparison to his position near the sea level. It was because at higher altitude, the air pressure is low and hence the oxygen intake capacity of the body blood cells reduces drastically. This theory was derived from the famous theory of Dalton. Dalton’s theory of barometric pressure states that when a person is at a position where the barometric pressure is low, then this exact decrease in air pressure reduces the oxygenation of the blood. This problem is often known by the name of anoxia in medical science. In case of anoxia the molecules of oxygen exerts lesser amount of pressure on the alveoli, as stated by the Dalton’s law.

Following this law, a new system to increase the barometric pressure in order to improve the oxygen flow and the diffusion of oxygen in the blood was invented. This method of treatment is known by the name of hyperbaric therapy, in modern times. Users are strongly advised to give the treatment a try, to be able to feel the exact degree of impact. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers can learn more about the topic with the help of the related websites in the virtual world of the internet.