three. 5 ” FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) is Dead! Long reside the USB Drive!

Do xtra pc try to remember the final time you applied the FDD drive of your computer system, and then for what? Possibility is in case you have applied this then it could be with regard to some emergency boot-up of the laptop or computer, or for healing of your broken OPERATING SYSTEM. Which means you might have not applied it for data transfer utilizing this particular medium.

At the moment this particular magnetic medium will be quickly having changed by the “flash Rom” drives that will we also understand by Pen Drive or USB Commute. This new medium is killing this magnetic medium for its reliability, speed and ever growing capacity.

Historically the extra storage is usually in the world of modify. Technology and requires are constantly pushing the method smaller sized, more quickly, much more reputable, secure and even of expanding ability. Just like some ten years back the five. 25″ dives were replaced with this 3. 5 ” drives for smaller sized size plus bigger capacity.


Great secondary storage space is quiet exciting, since it has seen the usage of papers in order to silicon to optical medium. With each generation it gets far better, more rapidly and smaller is size and constantly increasing the particular memory space.

Paper Impact Card

Paper Strike cards made use of in the beginning as the initial external storage device. It made use of paper card/roll with gaps as information. Meaning a hole was zero, with no gap was a single. Developers made use of to punch the card intended for delivering input. Cards printers had been presently there to punch the output for storage.

Floppy Drive ( eight “)

As soon as the particular magnetic media began to be utilized for storage, document media was speedily created obsolete. Magnet disks of circle shape emerged while the standard with regard to secondary storage device. It became very well-known as it had been additional robust in addition to handy compared to the document roll, and could store additional data.

Floppy Drive ( five. 25″)

Further improvement in the material and magnetic technology offered better thickness and offered considerably higher storage capability in smaller sized region. Now the drives also started to be able to come to be double on the sides delivering even far more information storage location in the similar size disks.

Floppy Drive ( 3. five “)

This specific media peaked with the 3. 5 ” FDD that seemed to be tiny and durable adequate to be carred within the denim jeans pocket. Its case also supplied handle even for your area that is utilised for reading, causing much more protection from dust and dampness even when the floppy had not been in virtually any cover.

Zip Commute

This drive introduced in 1994 simply by an enterprise named Iomega was capable involving holding 100MB regarding data. This also makes use of the permanent magnetic coating like the typical floppy disks, although of greater high quality and of excellent technology. Due to be able to this it requirements specialized drives for reading and publishing on this media. This kind of made it a very good backup drive (such tape drives), but not excellent regarding working with it about any machine. At present generation of Zero Disks holds upto 250MB of data.

Flash Drive (USB Drive)

Also known as Pen Drive is the subsequent revolution in extra portable storage gadget. Initially emerged with handful of MB safe-keeping capacity, it quickly gained attraction due to its strong state rugged construction and its capability of becoming made use of in any laptop equipped with USB slot. Initially it required a particular driver being installed on typically the earlier OS throughout order to always be made use of, but later on, due to their universally open standard and rise inside of use of the particular USB port, the support was supplied natively inside the OS. (Windows/Macintosh/Linux supports it natively out from the box).

And so now practically nothing at all much more is needed with regard to this drive to be able to perform if a person have a pc together with a regular USB slot. Even though the makers are also giving further characteristics towards the components like encryption, yet these characteristics typically calls for further computer software /driver to always be installed in purchase to be used. And because there is not considerably normal for these types of characteristics but it is mainly device particular which is mainly ignored because of its shortage of compatibility.