Try to Find Answers to Many of Your Questions Related to Coronavirus Face Masks

Although, at present experts recommend to wear a face mask, while common people move to any public places or while going for their work. Most of the states are also going to make it mandatory to wear face masks. Further research is still going on however to find a better measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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However, many questions cross the mind of people about the uses and effects of these face masks. Here in this post, we have attempted to answer a few of the most common questions.

  1. What type of face mask that common people should buy?

Prefer a face mask that is made with a minimum of 2 layers of fabric. Make sure that it can cover both your nose and mouth. There must be ear loops or ties for you to adjust it.

Those who wear glasses must prefer a mask with a bendable border available at the top so that you can easily mold the mask to fit on the bridge of your nose.

  1. Can people make their own cloth masks?

Yes, any home-made face masks are also good enough to protect you from virus provided you use the materials for the face mask that is thick enough. You must also regularly wash the face mask before you use them. Also after every use, the face masks must be changed.

  1. What materials should we use for creating a face mask?

Masks are generally made out of any cotton or linen fabric. Cloth masks must be washed daily. Any thick and densely woven cotton fabrics will be best, but stretchy knits may not be ideal. Make sure that the clothes that you use for preparing masks can easily filter your droplets.

At the same time, you must be able to breathe easily.

  1. What a face shield is?

A face shield is a rigid piece of clear plastic that is attached to a headband. The transparent plastic will cover the face, which is extended below the chin.

Most health care providers used to wear such face shields even before this COVID-19 pandemic. Also, dentists sometimes wear them while working very close to their patients’ mouths.

  1. Can we wear a face shield instead of facemasks?

In case, you are wearing a face mask and also maintaining a proper physical distancing of a minimum of 6’ between you and all other people while moving in public places, then no additional face shield will not be necessary.

Many people suffering from breathing problems, may wear a face shield but CDC has not yet given any approval for it.

  1. What type of masks COVID-19 patients and people caring for them should wear?

If anyone is affected with COVID-19 then they should self-isolate themselves, and must wear any surgical or cloth mask particularly when they have to come near any people. If a person is a patient and cannot wear a mask all by himself, then the caregiver should also wear eye protection in addition to face mask.