Safety nets are everywhere, you can see images of using safety nets in cities or rural areas, from houses, to schools, offices, hospitals all using safety nets. safety for high-rise spaces, unframed door locations and indoor and outdoor stair spaces.

The benefits that a safety net product brings to people’s lives are extremely effective thanks to its high bearing capacity, the ability to withstand forces up to 1500N to help support the weight of people, animals and people. items. Safety nets help to protect the safety of stairs, balconies, and windows to minimize accidents, help prevent incidents of falling, falling, breaking, and falling from high floors. Accidents falling from high-rise apartment buildings or high-rise buildings are the wake-up call for people to quickly and urgently prepare safety products to protect living space and safety. work so that unfortunate accidents do not happen.Safety nets are characterized by flexibility and smart design. Safety nets are highly flexible thanks to a set of removable components that can adapt to different large and small areas, the ability to fit into the shapes and designs of the use area. Safety nets have a smart and modern design that is much more modern than barriers made from stainless steel, steel, aluminum, glass, and wood. With a maximum wire mesh diameter of 3mm, this is exactly the most compact and modern safety net cable product. Thanks to the compact design, the safety net can be installed in different spaces to help protect all areas and locations of human use not only in the living environment but also in the play space. work and daily life.

The most installed quality safety nets today are plastic coated stainless steel safety nets, bare stainless steel safety nets, Hoa Phat safety nets, Viet Anh safety nets. Choosing the right safety net material to suit your needs, choosing the right type of safety net to install it in appropriate locations such as windows, balconies, skylights to help provide perfect protection for locations. at the same time creating harmony for the usable spaces. Installing a Lưới bảo vệ ban công does not block the space, does not block light, does not prevent natural wind from entering the house to help keep the space bright, clean, cool and safe.

The perfect places to use safety nets are spaces and locations with fixed walls such as windows, high-rise balconies, skylights, openings, ventilation doors, partitions, terraces, corridors, bridges. ladder up and down. Genuine safety net is used with the same function as a protective frame made of high-quality iron, aluminum, or stainless steel; The resistance of the genuine safety net product is up to 1500N, the mesh does not rust, does not oxidize, does not create rust during use, so it creates high aesthetics and can be installed in many locations. Various types of windows, balconies, corridors, walkways, stairs, ventilation doors, skylights, outdoor door positions that are directly affected by the sun and rain on a daily basis can be installed with safety nets. to protect safety, avoid falling, falling, losing balance during daily activities.

Window safety nets help create barriers at the window position to replace iron, stainless steel and wooden frames to protect the window space from falling, falling from inside the window space to the outside. Window safety nets are installed with a distance of 5cm per cable, both to ensure safety protection and to help create a well-ventilated space, to avoid the net from getting in with small children, animals and objects in the house.

Stair safety net is made from stainless steel covered with plastic with high aesthetic and unique. The mesh thread has a diameter of 2.5-3mm, the smooth mesh surface is easy to clean, easy to hold, creating a safe up and down point without causing hand pain.

The balcony safety net is installed in the balcony space to limit accidents on the high-floor balcony, helping the living and working process at the balcony to take place naturally, without being dizzy when viewed from the high-floor balcony. down. Balcony luoi an toan are staggered into aluminum bars fixed to the ceiling and floor or balcony railings to help fix the cable most firmly, with large balcony areas there will be an additional clamping line in the middle to help the fiber. stronger mesh.

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