Vinnila Backpack – A Timeless Design


Backpack style backpacks come in a wide variety of materials and can be made of a number of different types of fabric. Most backpack styles will be either the single backpack or double backpack variety. Single backpacks are used for lighter loads or lighter items such as a light jacket. A double backpack is used for heavier loads and is usually carried over the shoulders.

Classic Kanken backpack in rugged, moisture resistant Vinylon material with an adjustable shoulder strap and zipper opening the whole compartment. Removable seat belt, small top pocket, two side pockets and easy adjustable shoulder straps. The Kanken has been made since way back when 1978 in Sweden to help prevent back issues among Swedish school kids and soon became a common fixture at nature and preschools across the country. The new Vinnila fabric used in the Classic Kanken for sale is virtually impermeable to water, so it makes a great backpack for hiking, canoeing, mountaineering or rafting.

Fjallraven Kanken backpackis made in the same high-quality materials used in the Classic Kanken. Classic Kanken features the same zippered front panel as the Kanken and Fjallraven utilizes the same lightweight but durable nylon material. When you want to have the ultimate fit and comfort while using the backpack, the Fjallraven has a unique front zip pocket. It allows you to quickly access your important info like your address label, phone, keys and so on. Fjallraven uses zippered front and back panels so you can wear the backpack as casual or formal backpack without worry of unsightly straps. The front zip pocket even offers an additional storage compartment for your small items.

Vinnila has retained the original goal of producing high quality, long lasting backpacks by incorporating the best material available today, nylon. Nylon has been an outstanding engineering and manufacturing material since 1960. Vinnila’s founder designed the Vinnila fabric with this innovative material in mind. This nylon fiber was used in the original Vinnila backpack that helped make it a very popular choice for backpacks all over the world. This is what enables the original goal of Vinnila – to make backpacks that are convenient, functional and long lasting. In fact, Vinnila never added zippers in other areas of the backpack like on the shoulder straps or inside the hip pockets.

The Vinnila backpacks also use double stitching and strong clasps in order to secure your belongings. The double stitching on the outside of the Vinnila backpack helps keep your things secure from outside elements. Even the little things like your keys, cell phone and cash can’t be forgotten when you are traveling or going somewhere. The original goal of Vinnila has been achieved by using the best materials available today and making them even more durable than they were when they were first launched. The superior durability combined with innovative designs, superior construction and superior finishes has made the Vinnila company one of the most popular backpacks in the world.

The innovative designs of the VinnilaKanken Classic backpack have taken it to a whole new level. The Kanken backpack has a large main compartment, five interior compartments and two outside mesh pockets. It also has an insulated bottle pocket and a fold out water resistant cushion for a comfortable carry. This lightweight nylon f fabric backpack is durable, easy to transport and has an easy to use zipper system that makes it easy to access all the areas of the bag.

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