Want To Invest In Stock Market Of NASDAQ: DUO? Know These Things Before

Fangdd Network Group Ltd. Is a firm with its headquarters in the People’s Republic of China, Shenzhen and started their official workings in 2011. The firm deals with the market of real estate at an online platform in the most effective manner. The firm also has an online platform of its own that helps the firm to carry on with its services. The effective and ideal offerings of the firm include some specific news related to real estate, accessible data of property as well as the related information, and other transaction-related facilitation services. To continue it’s Effective offerings, Fangdd Network Group Ltd tends to sell its shares in the stock market under Nasdaq as NASDAQ: DUO at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-duo.

Stock market performance of Fangdd Network Group Ltd:

The market capitalization of Fangdd Network Group Ltd turns out to be $791.27 million. The firm has a volume of 98,486 shares and an average volume of 112,386 shares along with 83,644,000 outstanding shares in the stock market. Expert recommendations suggest strong sell for the shares of Fangdd Network Group Ltd as the price of the shares of the firm is depicted to fall more and a shareholder may bear the loss from the shares. The price of the shares of a firm depends upon a wide number of factors into which the performance of the firm against its competitors plays an important role.

Stock news of Fangdd Network Group Ltd:

The next quarter-based earnings of Fangdd Network Group Ltd tends to be in September 2020 as the last quarter ended in June 2020. The EPS of the firm stands out to be $1.25 on every share while the consensus stands at $1.06. The earnings of the firm in the previous quarter show a figure of $38.43 million. The firm after releasing its last share market performance stated to improvise and bring some more effective offerings in the market to earn more and more. The revenue guidance issued for NASDAQ: DUO stands the in-between figure of $93.21-101.683 million. While the estimate of consensus revenue of Fangdd Network Group Ltd is at $138.25 million.

How to purchase stocks of Fangdd Network Group Ltd?

One can purchase any number of stocks of Fangdd Network Group Ltd from the stock market and can trade to earn more and more profits provided one should have an online Brokerage account. An online Brokerage account helps one to trade their shares in an ideal way. One can know the current status of the stock market performance of the firm at an instant and can also have a look at an expert opinion regarding Purchase or sell and are also able to perform trading from the platform like the best broker for day trading. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.